How long can you hold your breath for?

Given your answer, you may feel the importance of this human function that we so often take for granted.

If we care that much about the food we eat three times a day, or the water we drink 8L of, how much more should we care about that which we do 20,000 times each and every single day?

This is why we need to bring back awareness to the quality of the air we breathe!

Since all change happens from within, we have come to realize that the only way to truly make a change is to change ourselves. This is reflected in the space we spend most of our time in; our home and our workspace.

"The last thing a fish notices is the water in which it swims."

Do you notice the air that you breathe?

We may ignore the air which we breathe all the time.

But we also noticed those speckles of dust floating through the air when the sunlight passes throughout it.

It can happen to contain allergens, bacteria, pollen, and fungi.

Do you feel comfortable knowing that you are breathing all this dust?

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